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Easton& Burd Win Carlton Tucker Memorial at Tradewinds
The award is given to the winner of the biggest class at the TradewindsMidwinter National Open Cat Championships held at the Islander Resosrtin the Florida Keys. There were cool temperatures and lighter winds forthe weekend, rather than the normal 80 degrees and 10-15 mph Tradewinds.Six classes participated. For more Story and Pix, Click Here!

Roberts and Wier Take All the Marbles of 29th Annual Key Largo Steeplechase
The twenty ninth running of the Key Largo Steeplechase was blessed withtemperatures in the lower 80s and winds averaging 15 mph and more. Onecould not ask for any more than that. One could ask for more boats toparticipate, as this was the lowest turnout since the very first timethe event was run. The Supercat, by doing this, not only won the firstto finish with the fastest time, but also won all the marbles by alsotaking first on Corrected time. Their overall time was 6 hours; 26 minutes;and 47 seconds.., not a bad time to complete a 110-mile sail. However,it did not set the recond. Several years back Robbie Daniel finishedin 6 hours; thirteen minutes. For full story and pictures, Click here!

Kenny Pierce Takes the Wave Nationals in the FloridaKeys
Miami sailor Kenny Pierce dominated a talent-loaded class of catamaransailors from all over the USA in the 16th Annual Hobie Wave NationalChampionships held at the Islander Resort in Islamorada held the firstweekend in December.
Pierce is new to the class but found the groove to take five first placefinishes of the thirteen races sailed, with his worst finish being athird – awesomelyconsistent racing. Pierce was pushed hard by two-time North American Champion,Tom Whitehurst of Pensacola Beach, Florida. For the Full Story and Pictures,Click Here!

CommodoreHazard Perry Defeats the British in the Battle of Lake Erie
The Battleof Lake Erie, sometimes called the Battleof Put-in-Bay, was fought on 10 September 1813, in LakeErie off the coast of Ohio duringthe War of 1812.Nine vessels of the UnitedStates Navy defeated and captured six vessels of British RoyalNavy. This ensured American control of the lake for the restof the war, which in turn allowed the Americans to recover Detroit andwin the Battleof the Thames to break the Indian confederationof Tecumseh. It was oneof the biggest naval battles of the War of 1812.Forsome awesome pictures and the full story of the history of the Battleof Lake Erie, Click Here!

RickWhite Wins IWCA North Coast Champs, and Jim Glanden Wins HCA
Both White and Glanden won by a lot of points, but the competition inthe IWCA was fierce until the last day. There was a three-way tie forsecond place in the IWCA between Doug Seib, Jim Hildebrandt and Ray Matuszak..,and they broke the tie in that order. Glanden on the other hand had JackWoehrle close, but still was comfortable in his win. For more Story andPictures, Click Here!

There Was Great Competition in Nearly All of the Classes at 2013 Tradewinds
In winds that were normally less than what the Florida Keys usually mustersup, the sailing was pretty awesome except for late on the second day.Which was OK, as it just gave everyone more time to party and Sundayafternoon. Youth sailors pretty much dominated the F16 and the F18Classes. For more story and pictures, click here!

Moss/CaseyThree-Peat and the "Karls" Win Steeplechase Overall
It was the 27th running of the Annual Key Largo Steeplechase and it livedup to its reputation -- tough downwind sailing in 15+ mph winds andchoppy seas down the Hawk Channel on the Ocean Side, and picking andchoosing the fastest route on the second day. Often the IntracoastalWaterway Channels are not the fastest way, rather blasting over sandbars,blowing through mangrove sprouts, scaring Egrets, and kicking up amud rooster tails usually wins the war. For full story and pictures,click here!

LeahWhite, 2nd Sailor to Win Three Wave Nationals
White is only the second woman to ever win the Hobie WaveNationals, and she has now done it three times, tying the record of Paul Garlick.At a new venue, the 15th year of the event was held at Islander Watersports atthe Islander Resort Hotel on the Ocean Side of the Florida Keys. It was tightracing amongst the top three sailors in the fleet made up of many National andNorth American sailors. For more story and pictures, click here!

SarasotaBoys Win US Sailing Youth Championship, Sarah Newberry Wins US SailingSelection.
Jeremy Herrinand Sam Armington of Sarasota, Florida took first place in the Juniors,and was 7th place overall in the class. Ben Brown and Luc Lisi of SanFrancisco were ten points behind and took 2nd place, and in the overallscore were 9th. Joseph Bello and Shelby Brown of Ft Walton Beach tookthe final podium spot, and were 12th place overall.Sarah Newberry/MatthewWhitehead started Saturday off with a bang, nailing 3 bullets out offive races, and holding a one point lead over Junior Champ Taylor Reiss/BriannaChu. Close behind these two teams was Mike Easton and McKenzie Wilson.Pease Glaser and John Williams were back in 4th place. For FullStory and Pictures, Click Here!

Moss and JC do a RePeat of the 27th Annual KeyLargo Steeplechase
Brett Moss and John Casey once again teamed up on a Marstrom20 to win all the honors, both line honors and handicap, of the 2011 and27th Annual Key Largo Steeplechase Race for the second year in a row. Theywon the Olde Lawn Chair for first to finish, and the Rick White PerpetualTrophy for first on corrected time.The team was first to finish on both days, but were closely shadowedby Mike Krantz and Dave Lennard on a Nacra Carbon 20, as well as MikePhillips and Kenny Pierce on another Marstrom 20.
At the awards there was a major foul up. In scoring the event, one stepin using the Sailwave Software was forgotten. Consequently the resultsand awards were mostly handed out to the wrong sailors.All finishers did get the complementary bottle of champagne, so Rickand Mary got that part straight. Duh! How could you go wrong?The overall winners were Moss and Casey, with Phillip and Pierce takingsecond place on handicap, and Krantz/Lennard finishing in third.Just out of the podium was Dave and Bob Ingram, brothers who got backtogether after years of not sailing with each other. They took the fourthplace spot, finishing just two minutes ahead of Jake Kohl and Frank Moore. ForFull Story and Lots of Pictures, Click Here!

Patrick Green Wins Wave Nationals
There has only been one triple winner ofthe Hobie Wave Nationals since its existence until this weekend. PatrickGreen of Put-in-Bay, Ohio, sailed extremely consistent, and along withtaking 6 bullets out of sixteen races, won the event by 32 points overthe second place boat and became the second person to win it three times..
Put-in-Bay Yacht Club, located on a small island in western Lake Erie, had greatrepresentation for the regatta, winning five of the top six positions. The grouphas a very active sailing schedule in the summer time, and it shows.
The Wave National Championships were hosted by the Upper Keys Sailing Club ofKey Largo, Florida over the 3-day weekend of December 1-3, and sponsored by CatamaranSailor Magazine (, and Founders ParkWatersports. For Story and Pictures, Click Here!

Tomko and Billings Take the Whole Enchilada
Thefourth and final leg of the 2011 GT300, a short 40 nm from Surfsideto Galveston, again saw race leaders John Tomko and Ian Billingson Team Ruff Rider dominate the F18 fleet, extending their lead andsecuring their position at the top of the podium in both the overalland F18 classes. The Nacra F20 Carbon monster, Team Zhik 1, actuallybeat them to the beach by over three minutes, but with the handicapfactored in, Ruff Rider easily won the leg on corrected time. ForFull Story and Pictures, Click Here

John Sherry Wins in a Tie Breaker at Woodruff Invitational
Competitionwas pretty fierce in this awesome Wave Class, particularly between JohnSherry, Jeff Linton and Skip Kaub. In attendance three past NationalChampions, three World Champions, a couple of North American Champsand others that have been champs in other classes. You had to knowthis was going to be a tough regatta. On the second day the winds dida 180 shift and filled in nicely from the east. John Sherry nailedthe first start and motored easily to be first around the weather mark.He never looked back, but had he looked back, he would have seen SkipKaub and Jeff Linton nipping at his heels. For More Story and Pictures, Click Here!

Enrigue Figueroa Wins another Hobie 16 Championship at Hobie MidwintersEast and Jack Woehrle Take the Victory for the Waves
In the Hobie 16s, after the first day for first place there was tie with4 points each between the two Puerto Rican Teams – The StreakinRican, Enrigue Figueroa and Tito Aponte on the one hand, and on the other,Francisco Figueroa and Jolliam Berrios. Tom and Susan Korzeniewski werehanging in 3rd place with 12 point, just one point ahead of US Pan Amteam of Greg Thomas and John Williams. Tied for fifth were Ken Hilk/TinaPastoor and Bill Jeffers/Diane Bisesi. The Wave Class was being dominatedby Leah White, two-time Wave National Open Champ and North American Champtaking two bullet and second. But, she decided not to race the 4th raceon Saturday. For More Stories and Pictures, Click Here

CharlotteHarbor a Great Success
With a field full of champions past,present and future, the 2011 Charlotte Harbor Regatta wrapped up Sundaywith a frantic scramble for the remaining undecided titles. With 84 boatsin 11 classes, the Charlotte Harbor Regatta became the largest in theharbor’shistory.
Port Charlotte Beach Park was a spectacle of multicolored sails each morningand afternoon, with 34 boats being rigged and launched, then retrieved by thenomadic band of high-level racers, such as Hobie 16 superstar Greg Raybon, whotook 3rd in the Hobie 17 World Championships and former North American Hobie16 champions Paul and Mary Ann Hess of Santa Clara, California. Paul Garlick,a multiple national champion in the Wave class and his equally accomplished wife,Kathryn, set up shop on Charlotte Harbor in their 60-foot Etincelle, Cool Cat1, before embarking on a cruise to the Caribbean for the 2011 St. Maartin HeinekenRegatta in March. National, North American and World Champ, Rick White also showedup for the event.Future superstar 18-year-old Taylor Reiss showed why he is getting so much buzz,sailing to a third-place in the F18 class behind three-time North American championJohn Casey and multiple national and world champ Robbie Daniels of Red Gear Racing.ForMore Story and Pictures, Click Here!

Perfect Winds, Flat Seas and Awesome Sailors at Tradewinds
Over eighty high-speed, high-tech catamaran sailboats camefrom twenty two states, and from Canada, Brazil, Italy and Puerto Rico,for the 2011Tradeswinds Midwinter Open Cat National Championships. Theevent was held off the beach of Founders Park, and was hosted by FoundersPark Watersports on the Bayside of the Islands. The event was Fridaythrough Sunday January 14-16. There were six different classes of boats,with the F16 and F18 Classes each featuring their Class Midwinter NationalChampionships. For story and pictures, click here

Brett Moss and John Casey Take All the Marbles in a Slow KeyLargo Steeplechase
The 26th Annual Key Largo Steeplechase was held in Key Largo December 11-12with 17 teams of catamaran sailboats from around North America competing.What is normally an action-packed, hull-flying contest, the weekend wascursed with light air. On the first day some of the later boats were onthe water for over fourteen hours.The race is a 110-mile trek around the islands with the first leg usually a relativedrag race down the ocean side of the islands. The second leg up the Florida Bayside requires a lot of navigation skills and water reading for the sailors.Brett Moss and John Casey of Ft. Lauderdale were very consistent on their Marstrom20 and took top honors both on first to finish and on handicap. After 110-milesof grueling sailing in winds ranging f rom 2 to 10 mph, the managed to keep itgoing the whole time.Formore story, pictures and results, click here!

Leah White Dominates !3th Annual Wave Nationals
Taking nine aces out of fourteen races, White is the second woman to everwin this prestigeous event, and the first to ever win it twice. She hadeked out a win in 2008 over favorite Patrick Green at that time. She wasshocked at the awards when a group of sailors dumped the remains of thebeer cooler over her head, much like the Gator Aid dowsing of winning footballcoaches. For more story and pictures, click here!

SkipKaub & MikeFahle Win the Big Ones
There are two great Perpetual Trophies for the Sandusky to Put in Bay,OH Steeplechase -- The Bill Wells Sailing Spirit Trophy to the best boaton corrected time and the Rick White Perpetual Trophy for first tofinish.It is a 21-mile feeder race for the I-YA Bay Week Regatta, where in thepast as many as 454 boats vied for these great trophies. This year an ARC22took both trophies. For more Story and Pictures, Click Here.

Middle Bass Challenge Race Report
It was a first of a kind. You had your option to sail clockwise or counterclockwisearound Middle Bass, and then the opposite way around North Bass. The overallcourse would be a figure 8. Go Figure. Very interesting. Check out therace, the sailors, the story, the pictures by clicking here!

Team Ruff Rider Wins the Great TexasRace
The morning was kicked off with an 8 AM Skippers Meeting and a 9 AMstart to the second annual Surfside to Galveston Dash. This yearthere were 23 Dash teams, so the first line of 11 boats left the beachat 9 AM and the second line of 12 boats left the beach two minutes later.  Pat2got a slower start, leaving about 15 minutes after the last Dash boat leftthe beach.  Thewinds and surf were light, but getting out was not a problem and all23 boats were on their way to East Beach in Galveston. 
For MoreStory and Pictures, Click Here!

Dave White Ekes Out Victory at Woodruff Invitational on TampaBay.
Opening their beautiful home to a bunch of roudy Wave Sailors, Stan andSharon Woodruff also managed to have 17 of the top Wave competitors inthe country converge on their residence on the bay. It was awesome competitionwith only four points between first and fifth place overall. For more Storyand Pictures, Click Here!

Mike Montague Wins H16 and Rick White Takes Waves at CharlotteHarbor Regatta
Mike Montague flew in from the West Coast to handily win the Hobie 16 Classat the Charlotte Harbor Regatta at Punta Gorda, Florida. Rick White alsodominated the Wave Class with only two bullets, but very solid finishesin every race. For more Story and Pictures, Click Here!

Great Winds for Three Days in a Row, and Warm
The new format for the Tradewinds Midwinter National Cat Championshipsworked extremely well. It was changed to a 3-day event and had separatecourses for the Spinnaker Boats and the Non-Spinnaker Boats. Winds seldomdropped below 15 mph and only a few gusts over 20 mph, and all in releativelyflat water -- absolutely perfect conditions for catamaran sailing. Formore story and great pictures, click here!

Woehrle Wins North Americans
In his debute to the Wave Class, newcomer Jack Woehrle of Gainsville, Floridashowed he had the consistancy to take all the marbles. It all came downto the last few races, but he nipped out past NA Champ, Rick White, byonly a few points. Interestingly,the competition was absolutely fierce.You could not get closer racing. Just look at the number of bullets andby whom. Six different boats took a first place finish:Woehrle had 5 aces (three in a row),Rick White had 4 aces (three ina row),Stan Woodruff had 4 aces,4. Mark Scarpelli had 2 aces,Sharon Woodruff had an ace,Nelson Wrighthad an ace,Scott Hubel just narrowly missed being the 7th boat withan ace by a few inches. For moreStory and Pictures, Click Here

PerfectConditions as Lohmayer and Sonnenklar Win the 25th Annual Key Largo Steeplechase
This 110-mile mini-distance event has been ongoing for 25 years and hasattracted some of the greatest sailors of catamarans in the world. It wasno different this year, as many veterans and winners of the Tybee 500,Worrell 1000 and Great Texas were there battling it out. Two-time OlympicSilver Medalist, Randy Smyth, showed up with his new radical-designed trimaran. For full story and pictures,click here!

Jack Woehrle Wins Wave Nationals
After many years off from the sailing community, one-time Tornado ace fromthe 70's era returned to guess what? A Wave! After sailing in the NorthCoast Championship in Put-in-Bay, Ohio this past August, he said he washooked. Guess so! He just won the Wave North Americans a few weeks ago,and now he has won the Wave Nationals. For more story and pictures, clickhere!

Bryan and Christina Perrin Capture Shark Nationals4th Time in a Row
A warm front rolled through the area on the last day ofsailing, bringing southerly winds of 15-20 mph winds with a few gusts to24 mph. This was when the two teenage boys, Eric Perrin and Patrick Turbett,got it all together, taking first in both races and moving them up intosecond place overall in the standings.
Meanwhile Pattenaude/Couch broke their boom while jibing at the reaching markand had to limp back to port. That dropped them out of the money to 6th placeoverall. Braddon and Bennett broke a centerboard on the way to the race course,but held on just enough to still hold on to 3rd place overall.For morestory and pictures, click here!

MikePhillips RePeats as Steeplechase Champ
Mike Phillips of Miami teamed up with All Star crew, Kenny Pierce, andcaptured the title for the second year in a row, winning the infamousOld Lawne Chair (Best Time) and the Rick White Perpetual Trophy (BestTime Corrected). They were the first across the finish line on both daysof the 110-mile trek around the Upper Florida Keys. For more story, resultsand pictures, Click Here!

Itwas White over Green for the Wave Nationals
Leah White of Key Largo was the second woman to ever win the Wave NationalChampionships. The first to do so was Kathy Kulkoski of New Jersey. Whiteentered the last day of sailing 12 points behind Patrick Green of Put-in-Bay,Ohio. Green is a past National Champion, this year's North American Championand has won every regatta he entered this year. But White rattled offa bunch of bullets while Green got stuck in traffic. It was a real nailbiter. For full story, Results and pictures, clickHere!

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