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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tokyo government issues influenza epidemic alert

Tokyo government issues 
influenza epidemic alert


Tokyo metropolitan government officials this week announcedan official influenza epidemic alert within the metropolitan area-the firsttime such an alert has been issued since November 2007.

The Tokyo government is anxious to avoid a repeat of last winterwhen the number of people infected with the influenza virus reached nearepidemic levels, leading to a shortage of vaccine.

To prevent this from happening again this winter, the Ministry of Health,Labor and Welfare is requesting that people start getting vaccinations nowwithin the greater Tokyo metropolitan area.

According to the National Center for Infectious Diseases, asof Nov 23, the national average number of infected influenza patients atmedical centers across Japan reached 0.94 persons, only .06 points away frommeeting epidemic levels.

epidemic noun (流行)
a large number of cases of a particular disease happening atthe same time in a particular community
~the outbreak of a flu epidemic
~an epidemic of measles

anxious adjective
wanting something very much
anxious to do something
"She was anxious to finish school and get a job."
"He was anxious not to be misunderstood."

shortage noun (不足)
a situation when there is not enough of the people or thingsthat are needed
~food/housing/water shortages
~a shortage of funds

vaccine noun (ワクチン)

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare - 厚生労働省

leading to - beginning a process that causes something tohappen
“There is no doubt that stress can lead to physical illness.”につながる

infectious adjective (感染)
an infectious disease can be passed easily from one personto another, especially through the air they breathe 
"Flu is highly infectious."

issue verb (発行済み)
1. make known
issue something (to somebody)
to make something known formally
"They issued a statement denying the charges."

vaccinate verb (予防接種をする)
vaccinate somebody (against something)
to give a person or an animal a vaccine, especially byinjecting it, in order to protect them against a disease
"I was vaccinated against tetanus." [tetanus = 破傷風]

vaccination noun (ワクチン接種)
Make sure your vaccinations are up to date. 

National Center for Infectious Diseases  感染症国立センター

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sample student BLOG

This is an example of a blog using the the words andsentences that 

we practice in our man to man lesson. These are small pieces of 

actual lessons with current students:

"Whole wheat bread is made with grains."

grains - wheat, rye, oats are kinds of grains.
oats - OHTS

humidity - noun - "The humidity is high today,it feels so warm outside."
humid - adjective - "It's very humid today."

"When I worked as a stuntman I fell many timeson purpose."
Fell is the past tense of fall

escalator - ES-KA-LAY-TER

offend - verb - to hurt someone's feelings, toirritate, annoy or anger.
"It offends me when people think that allCanadians live in igloos!"

An igloo is a small round snow house.

"Beggars can't be choosers." = If you getsomething for free you can't complain about it.
(If you begged, you don't get to choose what you aregiven)

choosers - CHOO-ZERZ

"Akashi is famous for octopus."

Advanced English from news story

Increasingly Dense Mobile Devices Present Cooling Challenges in Product Design

   As mobile devices get more sophisticated in their functionality, they are packing greater amounts of internal electronics — heat-producing electronics. It’s up to mobile device designers to find ways to dissipate heat efficiently. While there are several passive-cooling methods, active cooling might be essential in the future.

sophisticated adjective
 ?clever and complicated in the way that it works or ispresented (of a machine, system, etc.) 
~highly sophisticated computer systems

"Medical techniques are becoming more sophisticated all thetime."

functionality noun 機能性
?the range of functions that a computer or otherelectronic system can perform (computing)

"Apple launched new software with additional functionality."

internal adjective 内部
?connected with the inside of something[only before noun] 

~the internal structure of a building.

dissipate verb
?to gradually become or make something become weaker until itdisappears
"Eventually, his anger dissipated."
"To effectively dissipate heat generated by a reactor."

efficient adjective 効率的な
?doing something well and thoroughly with no waste of time,money, or energy
~efficient heating equipment
~the efficient use of energy
"We offer a fast, friendly and efficient service."
"As we get older, our bodies become less efficient at burningup calories."
~fuel-efficient cars (= that do not use much fuel)

efficiently adverb
~a very efficiently organized event
inefficient opposite 

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