Woodworking idea to better clamp a table saw featherboard

Posted By on June 27, 2020


FeatherboardClamping200405I’ve used the same combination of featherboards on my table saw for years (photo left). I also have a Shopsmith commercial featherboard which fits the smaller table perfectly, but it only works to hold larger sized pieces against the fence on my cabinet saw.

Then there is the temporary one that I made 40 years ago (photo left) and I’ve never bothered to replace it. When I need a hold-place, it tends to be the one I use most often and have a pinched wedge trick to hold it firmly to the table (click for larger). I’ve never bothered to make a new one or even a better way to clamp it in place.

So I’m saving the photo above and will make it a project on some cold and rainy day … if Mark Jones doesn’t beat me to it – lower section of this post!


TechFriday: Dropbox paid cloud storage is tough to justify

Posted By on June 26, 2020

Besides Google’s less intuitive cloud storage, Dropbox was the first DropboxLogocloud service that I gravitated to “back in the day.”  I’ve posted about them before on TechFriday (2015 comparison) and they are still one of the best cloud storage services for the way I work on computers and devices. Unfortunately over the last few years they also have had to figure out how to monetize data storage and this began with offering more storage for more money THEN a little arm twisting by restricting devices. Giant tech companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft (and smaller ones) also expanded in the cloud storage area and could offer bundled services or advertising as a way to offset growing their cloud businesses.


In my opinion, Dropbox found it challenging to compete with the behemoths and have both over-price and “squeezed” their users; instead of growing their user base, they have opted to squeeze those who remain users. I’m not sure how long this will remain?  Many of us who like their excellent cloud storage service found it difficult to justify a pricey storage-only plan (yes they offer other “not really necessary” features too). 

This past week I revisited them since I’m a long time user once again evaluating where I should be when it comes to storing data. The customer service rep was polite and understanding. She was well aware of my predicament in evaluating a monthly amount of money just to cloud store increasing amounts of data … much of it archival in nature. It sounded as if she has had this conversation many times before. My point was that considering I can store tons of data for free on my Miami University Google Drive (graduated from and taught there) or store 1 TB on my OneDrive since I use Microsoft Office365 … or even consider storing more on my Apple iCloud or Amazon Clouddrive for “no” additional dollars (not to mention using Odrive to store on company servers). The point being is that I would not mind even a small fee to have a few more GBs on Dropbox “just for personal stuff” if it would loosen up the device restriction and be competitively priced.


So for 2020, Dropbox continues to remain an overprice “great cloud service” but is off my list. Suggestion: They really should “bundle” their service with someone (maybe Netflix, Walmart, Intuit, Facebook, banks  or a media organization).

Forgot to archive my 2020 Father’s Day conversation #TBT

Posted By on June 25, 2020

FathersDayFacetime200621Our family went in different directions for Father’s Day this year, but I enjoyed the text messages, ‘last year memory photo’ and FaceTime singing by Annalyn. She sang a great Happy Father’s Day song to the tune of "Happy Birthday to you" … that was very appreciated and enjoyable.

Ellerie tried to talk and she gazed at the iPad screen the whole time … I’m not sure if it was just because it was a "video screen" or my funny face?

The call from Katelyn and Drew after their weekend with the Oostras in Michigan was just what I needed to top off my day … as was the photo from Put-In-Bay last year (photo below – and making it a Throwback Thursday #TBT link). What great memories my whole family has had up at Lake Erie.


Taylor was off backpacking to the Smokey Mountains with this buddy Mike … and from his photos … looks to have had a great time. So many similar memories we share … I did the same thing when single and then with my buddy Jeff after Brenda and I were married. We even took Brenda and the kids on a couple of our hikes and eventually moving up from tent to cabin. Good times and memories (link to photo of kids on the tailgate of our 1994 Toyota 4-Runner)!


US Debt clock, Unfunded Liabilities and Debt to GDP ratio

Posted By on June 24, 2020


By now we all have heard and know about the TRILLIONS we have borrowed and continue to borrow as a nation in deep debt, but few are willing to make any changes to the status quo before this house of cards comes tumbling down. What we don’t really thing about quite as much are the "unfunded liabilities." They make the debt and deficit issue look manageable.

The big unfunded liabilities are federal liabilities are for those of us looking forward to Social Security ($21T unfunded) and Medicare ($32T unfunded). One doubts these will ever be correctly funded, but will come to a head when cuts are forced on recipients or changes to what younger people are taxed or the age they can receive. Everyone knows that "means testing" is going to be a given as some point.

The argument continues to be made that so as long as the US has a growing GDP, we can continue to print and borrow … but even a closer look at those numbers is telling (below). This irresponsible "living" can’t continue … let alone adding any of the proposals by Democrats campaigning for the November 2020 election (Green New Deal, Free college, etc).


A new Weber grill, some assembly and Father’s Day grill brush

Posted By on June 23, 2020

WeberSpiritS-315_productimaWe replaced our rusting “hand-me-down” rebuilt grill from 2016 (thanks Jeff) this year with a new natural gas Weber Spirit S-315 stainless steel grill set up. So far it is a great grill and perfectly sized for our family. For those looking at it, be sure you know that there is some assembly involved if ordering online (photo below).

The new grill came in just in time for the family a couple weekends ago and Taylor and Megan’s visit last weekend. Brenda and I have already used the Weber few time on our own for our expensive but exceptionally tasty Omaha Steaks. The new grill is much hotter that the old cheap burners in the Charbroil (had to replace them every two years). 


I did add the Weber-branded cover and specially sized grease dripping pans with this but haven’t really ever had a good brush for the grates. Not to worry … Brenda gave me a new fancy grill brush for Father’s Day. Thanks dear!


To Do List: On my list of projects is to rework the ugly grill area off of the back kitchen porch. I go back and forth with how big a deal to make it. From a simple clean up and new pad area … to a tie in with an updated patio and stainless steel hood (which is why it continues to remain on the list).

Music Monday: An hour with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

Posted By on June 22, 2020

CSNY_2020While backing up and updating one of my servers last week, I noticed an hour long recording saved on another data server, but I never used it or mentioned in a Music Monday post.

  Live Studio Mic
    .. “Hey David”

Some of this Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young recording was obviously live and studio based and was likely released in the 1970s on vinyl?  At this moment I’m guessing since I have not spent any time tracking it down the details … instead I’m just listening and enjoying. Likely, most readers won’t get to the end of the CSNY archived audio mp3  … but still might appreciate the “mic on” 1-minute segment with David Crosby working on his voice.

  Vintage Harmonies with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young | 1970s

Have I mentioned before how much I enjoy good harmony? LINK   ?

Happy Father’s Day 2020 to a great dad and son-in-law, Drew

Posted By on June 21, 2020

AnnalynDinosaursTailOnly my granddaughter Annalyn and I (and those who watch us playing) really understand the “bubble” photo that I sent her earlier this week. The two of us have a few toys that will likely remain in our “memories” … at least my memory (she is only three). I do miss her when we are not together, but love the messages and enjoyment we have when we get together.

Of course the reason for this post is a Happy Father’s Day to Drew. He’s the next generation in line for after-shave lotions and handmade gifts as soon as Annalyn and Ellerie are old enough to continue that tradition. This year, and  many more to come, Katelyn helped out a bit with a fantastic wall photo gift. Love it!

Happy Father’s Day 2020 Drew!

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