At Instrumac Instrumentation, we are the region distributor for GEMS Sensors and Controls, Barksdale Controls, Winters Instruments ,Finetek Solid/Liquid Sensors and Transmitters, Konics Digital Indicators/Controllers, SJE Rhombus Cable Float Level Switches, Warrick Controls Relays and Level Controls, Delta Controls Pressure /Temperature Switches and Transmitters , Flow Controls, Magnum/Delta (Local) custom made Thermocouples, Temperature Transmitters , Magnetic Liquid Level Switchers range of products. We use all Genuine Parts only, and back by full support from respective manufacturers, so you are assure that you will get the best product and support from us before and after sales.
Our Location

51, Bukit Batok Crescent
#06-01, Unity Centre
Singapore 658077
Contact Person

Sales and Marketing Manager
Tel : (65) 6742 4840
Fax : (65) 6741 3991
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Liquid Level Switches , Indicators and Transmitters, Flow Switches, Sensors and Indicators , Pressure Switches and Transmitters,Safe Pak andI.S. Barriers

Tel: 860-747-3000
Pressure Switches and Transmitters Temperature Switches, Manual and Manipulator Valves

Tel: +1 (323) 589 - 6181
Pressure Gauges and Transmitters, Temperature Gauges and Accessories

Tel: 86-21-6104-2610
Control Relays , Liquid Level Controllers and Controls

Tel: 860-747-3000
Intelligent Digital Indicators , Bar Graphic Indicators and Paperless Hybrid Recorder

Tel: +82-32-820-2343
Mechanical, Mercury Cable Float Level Switches and Tank Alert System

Tel: 218-847-1317
Liquid and Solid Level Sensors and Switches , Liquid Level Transmitters and Bypass Indicators ,Capacitance, Vibration ,Ultrasonic Level Sensors , Bar Graphic Indicators and Temperature Controllers
DELTA Level and Flow Switches and Type R andcustom-made Thermocouples.

Local custom made Temperature Transmitters and Thermocouples and Magnum Local custom made magnetic Liquid Level Switches
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