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Mxt Media: TJ Kelly.

TJ Kelly

Founder & CEO

Responsible for daily ops & product strategy, TJ spends his time keeping Mxt Media current on the state of SEO & content marketing methodology.

Mxt Media: MJ Johnson.

MJ Johnson

Co-Founder & COO

MJ is the boss. She runs the place and keeps the ship afloat long-term. Her vision and guidance are the driving force behind Mxt Media’s longevity.

Real Estate SEO by Mxt Media.

Organic SEO

The best way to rank your site for a desired keyword is to prove to Google and the other search engines that you are the foremost authority on the topic.

We can help.

Do you know SEO?

Real Estate Content Marketing by Mxt Media.

Content Marketing

You don’t want just any traffic to our site. You want the right traffic. You want the people who are most likely to become leads, and, ultimately, happy customers.

We’ll bring them to you.

Want to attract long-term leads?



Video & PDF report on your website as it stands today. Plus a competitive analysis to see how your website performs against other agents in your market.

Blog Posts

Researched, sourced, and original local content for your blog or website. Use this content to establish yourself as THE local expert to both users and Google.


Not convinced or maybe not ready yet? No sweat. Jump on our 3 one-hour phone calls and we’ll guide you through the basics of how to DIY.


Mxt Media Client - Harvard Nieman Lab.

Mxt Media Client - Vic Firth.

Mxt Media Client - UMass Amherst.

Mxt Media Client - Merrimack College.

Mxt Media Client - Touchstone Closing.

Mxt Media Client - Schruender Real Estate.


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