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Providing investigative services for all of pennsylvania since 1995
Since 1995, Specialty Private Investigators, Inc. has been helping clients obtain the information they need and deserve for their cases. A Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania detective agency and investigative services, they use of an array of resources and a systematic approach to provide clients with a comprehensive and objective report.Whatever kind of legal problem you’re dealing with, whether it’s a business dilemma or a personal issue, Specialty Private Investigators can help you uncover the truth. All reports are court ready and have, in the past, proved vital to client cases involving fraud, child custody, and divorce. SPI stays on top of all developments in the field, ensuring the latest and most unique innovations will be put to use in your case.Unlike many nationwide companies, SPI offers many personal touches. Clients will be given regular updates, keeping them a part of the investigation process, and will have their questions answered through SPI’s vast investigative services.When you’re looking for a detective agency in Pennsylvania, it’s important to hire a company that is familiar with the state and can, from experience, personally discuss your expectations on a case. If you hire SPI, you’ll enlist professionals that are there to fight for you as a member of your own team.

Specialty Private Investigators Inc

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