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ID This Waterblock.
jaydee 224 Day(s) ago.
Long Shot: Looking got an old radiator(heater core...
Sled_Dog 430 Day(s) ago.
Old Watercooler Returns to Custom Loops
Sled_Dog 437 Day(s) ago.
Guardian OS units
KB3NZQ 800 Day(s) ago.
ProCooling Geek Bits
Fluke 17B+ ... the multimeter I've always wanted b...
Noise 530 Day(s) ago.
Ben's Win 98 box, redone! Build up
ben333 2186 Day(s) ago.
Project Black & Blue - Ben's new HTPC
ben333 2246 Day(s) ago.
Bring back IRC?
ben333 3040 Day(s) ago.
Site News and Blogs
Where is Joe these days? JoeKelly.co
ben333 52 Day(s) ago.
Stuff over the last few years, Blogs, etc...
rhkcommander 435 Day(s) ago.
New User Registrations are blocked
Joe 781 Day(s) ago.
Site is over 16 years old...
Nicepants42 1001 Day(s) ago.
The Pro/Market
GTX 280 for US $308.11 !!!!!!
sam amaar 908 Day(s) ago.
FS: Laptop hardware (CPUs, Memory, HDDs, Wifi, etc...
ben333 3047 Day(s) ago.
FS external watercooling units from jpiperformance...
Halo_Master 3086 Day(s) ago.
FS Snap Server 4200
abuthemagician 3210 Day(s) ago.
Joe's latest workBlog 3/20/19
Last Reply 435 Day(s) Ago by: rhkcommander
Stuff over the last few years, Blogs, etc...
Brians256's latest workBlog 2/13/04:
Last Reply 2191 Day(s) Ago by: Brians256
New daughter
pHaestus's latest workBlog 3/10/11:
Last Reply 3254 Day(s) Ago by: talcum
Well hi
Reader workBlogs are not online.
Virtualized Virtualized Test Lab Basics with Hyper-V Aug 31 20095
Category: IT Topics
Description: Basics on setting up and designing a test lab based on Microsofts Hyper-V and Server 2008 R2
Water Water Cooling - Wheres the Magic? Sep 5 20065
Category: FAQ's, Editorials, Q&A's
Description: Joes take on the state and dynamics of the watercooling industry
Crystalfontz Crystalfontz CFA-631 3.5" LCD Review Mar 10 20065
Category: Thermal Management Reviews
Description: Joe looks at another Crystalfontz device, this time its one that fits into a 3.5
Tips Tips for replacing bad caps on your mobo Mar 8 20065
Category: Electronics
Description: Joe explains some quick tips for replacing leaking caps on your motherboard.
SilverStone SilverStone LC17 HTPC Case Review Feb 6 20065
Category: Home Theater / HTPC Reviews
Description: Joe Reviews the high end SilverStone LC17 HTPC case, and shows how much stuff you can fit inside this big baddie.
Where is Joe these days? JoeKelly.co
Joe on: Mar 20 2019
If anyone is curious where and what I am doing these days, I've re-launched a blog that I kind of worked on now and then for the last 7 or 8 years. Took a break for 2, but its back. My blog is at https://joekelly.co

No compu...Full Post Here
New User Registrations are blocked
Joe on: Apr 8 2018
Hey folks - since this website is largely an archive at this point, I have disabled new user registrations via a question that requires a code to generate a new account.This should stop the integrity of the forums from being damaged by spam bots to...Full Post Here
Array Failure restore
Joe on: Dec 22 2016
Hey there, you may notice the few posts that happend since June are gone... well funny story, the array this server was stored on was just blown the hell away by a hardware failure. I happened to have this image backed up and this is what was resto...Full Post Here
DNS issue fixed
Joe on: Jun 8 2016
Not sure how, but somehow all the DNS records got wiped for the website so I had to restore them... I noticed the front page came up but everything else was 404'd.Full Post Here
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Random Forum Pic
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Maximizing Surface area where it is needed.
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