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    Trump To Suspend H-1B and Other Visas Until End Of Year
    President Trump is expected to sign an order to suspend H-1B, L-1 and other temporary work visas through the end of the year, according to the multiple sources familiar with the plan.

    The new order — which is expected to come with broad exceptions — comes as the administration continues to wrestle with high unemployment among American workers because of the coronavirus pandemic and tries to kick-start the economic recovery.
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    Fiance is flying in tomorrow on tourist visa
    My fiance is flying in from Thailand to LAX tomorrow. Have any of you had you significant other/fiance fly in on a tourist visa recently?We are a bit nervous for immigration since she no longer has her job due to covid.?
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    Petition to include K1 filers as exemption from travel bans
    Considering the hardship family members, fiancés included, have been enduring during the last months due to COVID-19, we have decided to start a petition to provide?equality and solidarity to family members that haven't been considered and therefore excluded from the Coronavirus related bans.
    Please, sign so we can make the difference!
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    July 2020 US Visa Bulletin & August Estimates Released
    The latest July 2020 US Visa Bulletin has been released by the Department of State.? VisaJourney has also updated estimates for August.
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    K1 Fiance Visa Process Flowchart and Timeline
    Have you seen our K1 Fiance Visa Flowchart and Timeline?Step by step details on what to expect throughout your entire K1 Visa Journey!
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    K1 Visa I-129F Processing at CSC Now at 150 Days -- Total K1 Timeline Now 9 months
    The California Service Center (CSC) is now taking up to 150 days to process I-129F petitions.? This is a sharp uptick since April due to Covid19.Total K1 Visa processing times are now at a 12 month high of 9 months (and growing).
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    Travel while waiting for new Greencard?!
    11:30 pm today


    Read 8 Times
    1 Replies

    My 10 year greencard expired on June 20, 2020.
    I applied for a new card in April but except for receiving a letter that my application was received, I haven t heard back for a biometrics appointment.
    Do I need to do anything? Should I do anything? What if I needed to travel?

    I am living in Hawai i now.

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    Traffic Citation (N400)- Exactly which questions to say Yes
    11:28 pm today


    blank avatar

    Read 8 Times
    1 Replies

    I understand this topic is most probably had lots of posts. But going through them I am still confused. So if any one can help, I really appreciate that.

    So I had only one incident in 2014 in GA (speeding/driving on suspended tag - fine ~$1750 ). I have certified court disposition, order & sentence plus the citation copies.

    Also will be received certified MVR history.

    Note: In the sentence it also lists 6 month probation but includes a note saying "terminate after payment" , So don't remember any about probation but did attend road safety class or something.

    With that said, I will be disclosing. My confusion is which questions I should say yes to.

    1. Have you Ever committed an offence for which you are not arrested - YES

    2. Have you EVER been cited for any reason - YES

    3. Have you EVER been charged with committing an offence - YES

    4. Have you EVER been convicted for an offense ( I pleaded guilty ) - YES

    5. Have you EVER been placed in alternative sentencing - NO

    6. Have you EVER place on probation - YES

    7. Have you completed Probation - YES

    8. Have you EVER been in Jail or Prison - NO

    Man, seems so many Yes for one traffic violation. Anyways,I will be providing explanation that this is all related to that speeding/suspended tag.

    I would like someone to review and assure am doing it right.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Employee authorization form
    11:16 pm today


    blank avatar

    Read 11 Times
    1 Replies

    If I came on K1 and AOS is processing, would it count as Alien or lawful perm resident on the I-9? Thank you in advance.

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    I751 is denied and i am reapplying. how can i travel abroad
    10:00 pm today


    blank avatar

    Read 30 Times
    1 Replies

    hi everyone, uscis denied and terminated my status because of their mistake. my appeal is also denied and i was told to refile i751 again. (long story but i am resubmitting a new i751)

    1 - if i send a new i751, can i travel internationally?

    2- is there a form or document that will guarantee my return like advance parol?

    3 - lawyers say that i should not travel until uscis approves my i751 which will take almost 2 years.

    thank you in advance for answers.


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    USCIS messed up my life and they don\'t admit their mistake. What is my option?
    9:57 pm today


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    Read 103 Times
    8 Replies

    Hello folks i will greatly appreciate if anyone can help me with my situation.

    I had a pending I751. I moved to NYC 6 months ago and I called USCIS immediately to update my address. I also updated my address in my online account and post office.
    3 months later my wife and I divorced after 6 years of marriage. I was waiting for an interview to switch to divorce waiver and provide evidence for marriage for i751. I also informed USCIS about divorce.
    6 months later, I received a denial letter for i751. USCIS says they TERMINATED MY STATUS because USCIS thinks i didn't update my address and missed an interview. I have proof for address change. I never received an interview letter. my attorney never received an interview letter. the online tool never said there was an interview. The so called interview was almost one year ago and nobody knew. I also got a stamp on my passport and when I got the stamp officer verified my address and said there was no interview in their system.
    After seeing the denial letter, I called uscis and the second tier officer says they cannot see the interview notice but they say it is denied. they again verified my address and they can't explain why i missed the letter.
    They told me to submit motion to reopen the case if I think USCIs made a mistake.
    I submitted motion to reopen the case 3 months ago and today they denied it again. Only explanation is " we sent you and your attorney a letter". i was shocked that uscis ignored all the proof of address change and still said i didn't update my address.
    Now I will have to file a new I751 waiver because i don't know if i have any other option.
    My problems are:
    1 - denial letter says they terminated my status. Have I been working illegally?
    2 - My lawyer says i cannot leave US until i751 gets approved. is it true? My parents are in Spain and they are sick with coronavirus. I have to visit them but i don't know if i will be allowed to enter us if i leave.
    3 - How can I travel internationally and come back in this case? my lawyer says he won't recommend traveling for 18 months. i got the stamp on passport almost 1 year ago before they terminated my status. is it also terminated? i'm so confused why lawyer says i shouldn't travel yet i read that stamp is a proof for green card. i don't know if i am out of status now.
    4 - is there a form or document that will guarantee my return like advance parol?
    I will appreciate it if anyone can help thank you again.

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