2020 Census


Have you responded to the 2020 Census? Every 10 years, every person living in the US is counted. This is mandated by our Constitution. Why get counted? The census determines congressional seats for the state and Electoral College votes. The census also determines the distribution of billions of dollars in federal funds for roads, schools, hospitals, programs such as meals on wheels, and fire departments. The census is also used to determine emergency response to natural disasters. You can respond online at www.my2020census.gov, by calling 1-844-330-2020 or by returning the questionnaire mailed to  your home. Every person must be counted by Aug 14th, 2020. RESPOND TODAY~


Message from the Mayor

Welcome and thank you for visiting the official website of the City of Woodhaven. This website reflects our city's ongoing efforts to communicate with our residents, to provide up-to-date information for online users and to keep current with technology available to us. Woodhaven's website will be an ongoing project, and its form and function are intended to expand over time.

We extend warm greetings to both first time and repeat visitors. We hope you find this information both useful and interesting.

Woodhaven is a great place in the heart of Downriver to live, work, and play. Our website is your invitation to learn more about us. We hope you visit often.

Patricia Odette, Mayor of Woodhaven

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