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Kendama: "Elegant Simplicity. Infinite Complexity. Ultimate Fun."

Welcome tothe BKA:the ultimate resource for all kendama-related information. You'll find the all latest kendama news, and a wealth of other info on the pages linked below.If you're completely new to the Japanese skill-toy that is kendama,
and don't know what it's all about, watch this.
For the latest kendama news, see our blog and also the forum, Twitter & Instagram.

Welcome to the British Kendama Association.

If you're new to this, kendama is a japanese skill-toy. If you imagine something like a cross between a cup-and-ball, yo-yo and juggling, you won't be far off. It's great exercise, good fun, and a nice challenge at any level for people of any age.

In brief: Remember to catch downwards, flex your knees and go for it!
Explore the site via the links above for more info.

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