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Hi Rick,

I came across you in reading an issue of RGN. I found your views insightful and your website delightful. Would you please add me to your email list?

Thank you


Please sign me up for your newsletter.  I just stumbled upon one of your posts, andhave become even more appalled with the complete worthlessness of America’spoliticians and policy makers; past, present, and future.

You are one of the few that are writing about the reallybig things that the entire middle class should be losing sleep over. 


Brian S...

Rick -

Please add me to your free newsletter list. 

I just read your article ‘Trump Builds Economy and WarMachine’ in CanadaFreePress.com and found it very interesting.

Yours truly,


Wow. Thought provoking insights andobservations. Please sign me up for your newsletter. Thanks!


Good morning, Rick!

I hope this email gets to you. I can'ttell you how much I look forward to your continuing letters on the importantissues of the day. Climate change, surging copper and lithium, precious waterresources and more.

In times past, I would look forward to the next Car & Driver orMotor Trend magazine in my mailbox. Now, it's your letters on my phone!

In short, the letters are mostinformative, very well written, and educational to those of us who craveknowledge and information.

Keep at it, my friend!


To Rick

Please add me to your free newsletter list.

Great insights, great articles and very informative.


To Rick

I am writing to offer my sincere appreciation not onlyfor today's letter, but for the opportunity to continue to read your insightfularticles and writing.

Keep doing what you are doing, PLEASE!!

Best regards from down under in PA.


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