Creating Wealth with your own Business

This site will exist to share information on how to build wealth throughbusiness building activities. There are many ways to build wealth but wewill focus here on how to do this by starting and running a business.

Wewill cover some specific areas for starts, mainly Idea Selection, Cash Machine Concepts, Business Modeling and Business funding. Later we will look at some executionstrategies and whatever can help motivate you to achieve excellence.

Lets explore this a little. Why do we want wealth? I personally have this interest so I can help others as well as have more flexibility with my spirituality, time and family. I do not believe in having money to feel or look better than other people. Now that we got that out of the way, I am sure most people want to have options in life and this is why you could pursue a process to be wealthy. On the other hand you may be passionate about developing your own product or service to help businesses or consumers in general.

It all comes down to motivation and your overall life goal in doing this. On one hand you could focus on being an investor where you put your capital into other businesses or you could take the bull by the horn and run a business yourself. This site is specially setup on how to explore ways to run your own business.

Check out the various tabs that reflect the process for building your business. The following diagram captures the ideal process to get your business up and running. We try to recommend books in each of the major sections and these can be very useful to come up with actionable steps to having your business otherwise check out the resource links and learn as much as you can.

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